Educational programs and guided tours at the Telegraph Gallery

27 9 2022

The Telegraph Gallery offers educational and guided tours for elementary through high school students from June 2021, focusing on individual exhibitions.

For students 12 and under, we offer educational programs through which they can develop their own creativity and other skills such as interpreting the exhibit, reading visual language, communicating in a team, and interacting with the artworks. For students aged 12 to 15, guided tours of exhibitions accompanied by worksheets, and for high schools and colleges, guided tours accompanied by active discussion of the topic. The aim of these activities is to convey information to students in a more comprehensible form appropriate to their specific age group and to deepen their emotional perception of the artwork itself. For example, the exhibition entitled Space of Perception by Paul Korbička was a great success. The students learned about the artist's work and concepts such as installation, site-specific and light art. Afterwards, they spent a pleasant time in our cinema, where they watched the Japanese animated film My Neighbour Totoro. By individual arrangement, it is possible to combine the visit with a screening or guided tour of the entire Telegraph building, which is especially suitable for architecture and design students.




The Telegraph continues to host Czech and international artists on residencies at regular intervals to actively pursue their work. As one of the few institutions in the Czech Republic, we offer schools the opportunity to visit the studio as part of the so-called "Open Studio", during which it is possible to look directly into the process of creating a work of art. For example, students visited the studio during the visit of the painter Filip Kůrka. In the months of April and May, the painter David Pešat stays here. When else will you be lucky enough to meet the artists in person, see their most recent work and discuss it?

The exhibition Brave World was visited by high schools from Opava and Wallachian Meziříčí, for example. The exhibition by Zbyněk Sedlecky: Performances, schools from Olomouc and Prostějov have already visited. April will also see a short-term exhibition of Kristof Kintera. From 25 May, you can look forward to Michal Škoda's exhibition Topography of Solitude. We will gradually publish the accompanying programmes and other events on our website. If you are interested, please contact us by email and we will arrange a specific programme suitable for your group of students. We look forward to your visit.



Educational and guided tours:


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Admission: 40kč per pupil, free of charge for teachers