Telegraph PULSE [pʌls] n.
1. cafe / restaurant / bar 2. unique cuisine, exceptional gastro experience 3. breakfasts, brunches, lunch menu, tapas, savoury snacks, desserts 4. coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine, mixed drinks

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Espresso Martini - Espresso, SKyy vodka, orange bitters ||| 170 Kč
Telegraph Ice Tea - Plantation, Ice Tea, autorský sirup ||| 180 Kč
Promosso Prosecco Doc Treviso Frizzante Extra Dry || IT šumivé | 549 Kč / 79 Kč

We all know it—the hectic daily grind. In such moments, words cannot espresso how important coffee can be. Or do you think the world is ready for your unfiltered opinions?

Even though Energy=Milk*Coffee2, there are other things that can give you a kick-start.

We offer hearty brunch options and scrumptious home-made desserts. Satisfy the inner you with a filling snack or go bananas for a fresh smoothie.

Stop by and enjoy. And if you're starving, no need to worry—we serve lunch all day!

Mon–Fri 8:00–11:00
Sat–Sun 9:00–15:00

Mon–Sun 11:00–15:00

Mon–Wed 16:00–19:00
Thu–Sat 16:00–21:00