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Gábor Pintér
September–October 2021

Gábor Pintér is a Hungarian painter and one of the representatives of the so-called "bad painting". In his work, he focuses not only on painting but also on working with paper and spatial installations. He works with genre motifs that reflect often absurd situations by combining real and surreal scenes. The conception of his paintings is often a response to his own critical reflections on today's consumer society. In addition, he considers the functioning of the mind and the process of cognition itself. What interests Gábor is the nature of psychological and mental reality and its relationship to the tangible world. His painterly expression is characterized by vivid colours and strong gestural brush strokes. Gábor graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and lives and works in Budapest.


We pick up signals in any art form.
The residence lasts from 4 to 12 weeks. Your central base will be the studio (50 m²) and apartment (35 m²) located in the Telegraph building itself.

You will receive €15/day + we'll cover the cost of materials (up to €1,000), your transfer to Olomouc (up to €150) and the subsequent transportation of your artwork (up to €700).