April: what does the gallery do?

9 4 2024 | Autor: Eliška Skácelová, Hana Kozáková

Duben 2024, what are we up to?


If you visit the Telegraph Gallery regularly, you will know that our programme goes beyond the gallery space. In addition to exhibitions in the gallery, throughout the year you can enjoy pop-up exhibitions in the cinema and loft, residencies by Czech and international artists, always ending with an Open Studio in the studio. You can also look forward to lecture series about the work of contemporary artists, the work of curators, and about collecting contemporary art with collectors, gallerists and curators.

At the end of last month we finished the exhibition Connections. In April, our new exhibition by Slovak artist Andrej Dúbravský begins: GOOD BOY.


Thu 11 4 2024 / 18:00 Exhibition Opening Andrej Dúbravský: GOOD BOY

A night full of beauty in art, both from a historical perspective and through the lens of today. If you like the extravagant work of Slovak artist Andrej Dúbravský, come and admire the beauty of the male body combined with natural motifs and meet one of the most prominent representatives of the contemporary art scene. The exhibition, entitled GOOD BOY, runs until the end of July.




If you want to take a look behind the scenes of the art world and hear about it from the artists themselves, the lecture series Presentations is the perfect choice for you.

In conjunction with our regular lecture series and the Ecological Days Olomouc, there is also a presentation by Andrej Dúbravský. In addition to his work, his presentation will focus on the topics of village life, plant cultivation and animal husbandry that are related to his work.


24 - 28 4 2024 The Magic Mirror: Shimon Okshteyn

A pop-up exhibition of works by Ukrainian artist Shimon Okshteyn from the Robert Runtak Collection will last five days. In his work, Shimon used references to historical art styles such as Renaissance, Baroque and Social Realism and sensitively connected them with the present. The result is works full of tensions between high and low styles, historical and modern, and abstract and figurative.

Tue 4/30/2024 /6:00 PM Open Studio: Karolína Netolická

During March and April, artist Karolína Netolická is in residence with us and will present her work as part of the opening of Open Studio. The Czech artist, who belongs to the youngest generation of the art scene, focuses on the relationship between man and nature. She also captures the reality when man comes from nature but separates himself from it by his behaviour.

We look forward to seeing you!