Popularising science through film!

18 3 2024 | Autor: Michael Bukovanský

Since October last year we have started a new series of film screenings and lectures with the catchy name of SCIENCE IN FILM and we intend to continue it! During the months of March, April and May, another trio of films and directly related lectures on a wide variety of scientific topics await you in the evenings. Our guests will introduce you to the scientific context of the selected films and give you their expert perspective.

Last year, we touched on space and astronautics with the film GRAVITY, the vampire disease metabolic porphyria with DARK SHADOWS, adaptive organisms and parasites with THE THING, and time travel in RETURN TO THE FUTURE. Biology, physics, mathematics, but also psychology and sociology are all considered and accessibly presented, and you certainly don't have to be an expert on the subject to enjoy the film and the lecture. Science can be friendly and understandable when it is presented with a good example and a good teacher, and that is the aim of this joint lecture series of ours.


A new trio of films awaits you this year! We open this semester's series with a screening of the digitally restored version of the Czech film classic JOURNEY TO THE EARLY AGE, where we will focus specifically on contextualizing the film with the latest scientific findings about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures with presenter Lukas Weber. April's lecture will then plunge us into the field of psychology with speaker Nicole Schmidt, as we get under the skin of the film's schizophrenic SPLIT. The final installment of the film-lecture series in May will be unveiled soon. Watch our PROGRAM and be entertained and educated in one evening!


The ticket price includes a film screening and a directly following lecture by a guest speaker. The screening and lecture series is organised by the Telegraph in collaboration with the student union UP Crowd, which aims specifically to popularise science among children, students and the general public.

Tickets can be purchased HERE.