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29 11 2022

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Filip Kůrka (*1993)

Filip Kůrka is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied in the studios of Martin Mainer and Jiří Petrboek and is known for his depictions of pornographic themes. Recently, however, he has undergone what he calls a personal transformation, during which God gave him the idea of hunter realism. Thus, Kůrka became its founder and is currently working intensively on its realization. He has had numerous exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, for example at the Gallery of Contemporary Art at the Prostějov Contemporary Art Festival or at The Chemistry Gallery in Prague.

Filip Kůrka: Solitaire





Monika Žáková (*1987)

Monika Žáková is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Since the beginning of her work she has emphasized precision. Monika's work is characterised by concentration and a strong focus on the technical detail of her paintings. She is fascinated by layering and meaning when dealing with the relationship between materials, particularly in the form of canvas and paper.

Monika Žáková: XY


Monika Žáková



Mark Ther (*1979)

Mark Ther's work is primarily defined by the medium of video, installation and drawing. He works in the field of fiction film as a director, shaping the storyline with an eye for every detail. He is not afraid to work with outrageous themes that are linked to objects and people based on his fascinations. He works with historical taboos and, as he says himself, he likes to reminisce about a time he himself did not experience.

Mark Ther: Garfield





Laura Limbourg (*1996)

Artist Laura Limbourg works in painting, printmaking and sculpture. A key inspiration for her work was a trip to Southeast Asia where she encountered the sale of the human body, child prostitution and sex tourism. She chose to respond to these themes in a light-hearted way, which also consists of relaxed handwriting and exaggeration.


Laura Limbourg: Green Tiger





Veronika Gabrielová (*1992)

Veronika Gabrielová's work is devoted to drawing and its overlaps, in which she explores mainly anthropological phenomena, such as socialization processes in contemporary society and their own border positions, which are most accurately revealed in the clash with other cultures. He draws on his own experiences and depicts themes from his immediate surroundings.

Veronika Gabrielová: Triton*ka





Pavel Korbička (*1972)

Pavel Korbička's work is primarily concerned with light, space, movement and sound. He works with specific places in which he responds to their uniqueness and their hidden orders, which he tries to activate by the presence of the viewer and his individual perception. His artistic activity lies between sculpture, architecture and scientific research.

Pavel Korbička: Mimicry