Audiowalk TELEGRAPH is open!

27 11 2023 | Autor: Michael Bukovanský

Put on your headphones and keep your eyes open. We've launched a long-gestating project. Starting November 23, 2023, you can walk through the building accompanied by Audiowalk. And what is that?

Five floors. Eleven stops. Take a tour with your headphones through the Telegraph's multifunctional space from ground floor to upper terrace. Audiowalk is an interactive experience that will deepen your time in the gallery, café or even a coworking phone booth. Plus, you'll learn more about local architecture and design. With headphones on, you'll hear the story of the Telegraph and discover the unsuspected details of the place. Let the narrator guide you or chart your own path. Audiowalk Telegraph is a unique opportunity to slow down. Just lift your eyes and look up. Or touch the waves with your fingertips.



You only need a smartphone and headphones. You can rent one pair of headphones on site.

The length of the tour is approximately 40 minutes. Stations can be found in the building at the reception, in the corridors, in the coworking space, in the café and at the entrance to the normally inaccessible loft. The stations are easy to find using the brochure you get after purchase, along with a pencil to help you crack the Audiowalk code. We can't reveal more, you have to experience it.

TICKET - On site or at presale

Audiowalk can be purchased directly from the Telegraph Building reception (£150). Once purchased, we will use a QR key to unlock all stations for you to read. Just make sure you have cookies enabled on your phone.


All 11 sites are available every weekday, according to the opening hours below.

Tuesday-Friday 9am-12pm / 12:30pm-7pm
Saturday-Sunday 10:00-12:00 / 12:30-18:00
With the purchase of an Audiowalk ticket, you will automatically receive access to the gallery for the current exhibition.

COWORKING - closed weekends (4 of 11 stations)
Monday-Friday 7:30am-6pm, 24/7 for members

Monday-Wednesday 8am-8pm
Thursday-Friday 8:00-22:00
Saturday 9:00-22:00
Sunday 9:00-18:00


Designed and produced for the Telegraph:

Designed by Ondřej Král
Screenplay: Aminata Keita and Michael Miju Goldschmid
Directed by Aminata Keita
Music and Sound: Michael Miju Goldschmid
Cast: Ondřej Král
ENG version starring: Lucia Rossi


The twelfth habitat is unlocked only a few times a year, when the loft hosts the scenic performance piece THE FIFTH FLOOR, which is the culmination of the Audiowalk story. For more information, keep an eye on our website and look for FIFTH FLOOR. Will everything change tomorrow? Reprise scheduled for April 2024, program change subject to change.

The launch of Audiowalk and performance FIVE PATRO took place on 23 November 2023.