The Magic Mirror
Shimon Okshteyn

cinema exhibition POP-UP art

Telegraph Gallery is not just our main exhibition space. It is also the platform that forms the program for several other floors throughout the house. And this time, we have decided to replace the films in the Telegraph cinema with fine art for a few days, with a temporary exhibition of works by artist Shimon Okshteyn from the Robert Runtak Collection.


Shimon Okshteyn (1951-2020) was a Ukrainian artist born in Chernivtsi. He graduated from the Mitrofan Grekov Art College in Odessa, Ukraine and lived and worked in the United States since 1980. It was there that Okshteyn astutely yet sensitively observed the environment in which he newly found himself. He did not cling to the past, but took the best from it. In his work he used various art historical references such as elements from the Renaissance, Baroque, Social Realism or German Expressionism, which he sensitively combined with the present. In this way, he created his own reality in which he focused on the tension between high and low, public and private, abstraction and figuration.

Curator: Otto M. Urban

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