TÉČKO & Science in Film: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON or Could they be real?

1 6 2024 / 15:00
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Science in Film and Téčko join forces! Film for children and popularization of science, the only right program for a day for children! The first part of the already cult animated fairy tale about the cute dragon Toothless will return to the cinema and after the screening the audience will learn how it really is with dragons. What about legends and what about scientific findings? Has anything that resembles a dragon ever lived? And how could a living creature breathe fire? This and more will be explained to you and the children by our guest, Palacký University PhD student Miroslav Peřina!

This adventurous fantasy comedy is set in a mythical world of rugged Vikings and wild, fire-breathing dragons. It tells the story of a Viking young man named Hiccup who lives on an island where fighting dragons is part of life. Hiccup's rather progressive views and unusual sense of humour are not well understood by his tribe or their chief, who happens to be ... Hiccup's father. When the young man is enrolled in dragon school with the other teenagers, he takes it as his chance to prove he can be a fighter. But then he meets, and eventually befriends, a wounded dragon, which turns his world upside down. What started as one of Hiccup's attempts to show what he's made of, turns into a chance to show a new direction for the future of the whole tribe.

The series of film screenings and lectures SCIENCE IN FILM is organized in cooperation with the student association UPCROWD of Palacký University. The aim of the series is to popularize science through the artistic medium.This special screening under the banner of Téčka is intended for younger viewers, as well as for curious parents and childless children. Téčko, these are big films for small audiences. Saturday after o.

Czech dubbing
How to Train Your Dragon
Animated / Adventure / Fantasy / Comedy / Family
USA, 2010, 94 min + 20 min lecture
Directed by Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois



Schedule subject to change.

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