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Empress Sissi is a fashion icon and the epitome of youthful beauty. It's 1877 and her 40th birthday is approaching, but shackled by her status and the indiscriminate criticism of those around her, she has little reason to celebrate. She wants to preserve her youthful appearance, so she encloses her body in an ever tighter corset. But what kind of life could she live if she freed herself from the conventions and pedantic pettiness of the Viennese court? Director Marie Kreutzer has come up with a timeless story about a courageous woman and her undying desire for freedom, led by Vicky Krieps as a rebellious monarch who decides to take her destiny into her own hands.

Czech subtitles
Biographical / Drama / Historical
Austria / Luxembourg / Germany / France, 2022, 113 min
Directed by Marie Kreutzer