Presentation of the artist
Jan Hísek

6 2 2024 / 18:00
cinema art presentation

Are you interested in art? Do you want to learn something about contemporary art? The lecture series with the artists and curators themselves is the perfect opportunity to take a peek under the hood of the art world, talk directly with the artists about their own work and spend an evening in a pleasant environment. There are no limits to creativity in asking questions, because it is thanks to the attention of the audience that works of art live the life they deserve.

In this presentation of a lecture series dealing with the presentation of contemporary artists and curators, one of the exhibiting artists of the current exhibition Napojení, Jan Hísek, will be featured.


Drawer, painter and graphic artist Jan Hísek (*1965) graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Prague. His main sources of inspiration include symbolism, mysticism, spiritualism and surrealism. The dominant technique in his graphic work is mezzotint, he worked in printmaking until the late 1990s, creating hundreds of prints and award-winning book illustrations. Later, however, the method of layered drawings was replaced by working with coloured surfaces and painting became his main means of expression. Hísek seeks out motifs of strange flowers, plants, trees and creatures. He sees them through the eyes of a visionary who plays with time and landscape. Places he knows and loves, as well as the animals and people he meets and gets to know, are key inspirations for him. He also experiments with painting and drawing with both hands and blindfolds, where the movements of his hand are guided by a "higher power". What is significant for his work is not only the uncontrolled intuitive expression, but also the technical precision and subtle work with detail.



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