Veronika Gabrielová, Laura Limbourg

4 4 2022

Veronika Gabrielová (*1992) focuses in her work on drawing and its overlaps, in which she researches mainly anthropological phenomena, such as socialization processes in contemporary society and their own borderline positions, which most accurately shows up in conflict with other cultures. She takes inspiration from her own experiences and displays details from her immediate surroundings. It is mainly expressed by a line, which is drawn by pencil or glittering pen. She often uses embroidery and works with text. She finished an internship at the Korean National University of the Art in Seoul and in 2018 has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Drawing Studio of Jiří Petrbok and Petr Vaňous. Her artworks appear in private collections in Czech Republic and abroad.

Laura Limbourg (*1996) is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where she studied under the leadership of Martin Mainer and then Josef Bolf. In 2020 she won the Critics Award for Young Painting. Her work was heavily influenced by a trip to Southeast Asia, where she encountered human body sales, child prostitution and sexturism. She decided to respond to these topics in a lightened way, which also consists of loose handwriting and exaggeration. In her paintings she also projects her specific personal experiences, for example from her hobby, flying.


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