CINEMA: The Big Nothing

Starting at 20:00

BIG NOTHING is a feature-length documentary tragicomedy about the Czech perception of the Covid-19 disease pandemic. Instead of reporting events, the authors focused on human stories, the poetics of the time, bizarre images or key moments in politics and society. They followed doctors in hospitals and anti-vax protesters in the streets, one of the first covid positive patients in the Czech Republic, top athletes training at home or a mezzo-soprano who was forced to work as a cashier in a supermarket. Given the length of the shoot, there was also time to reflect on the social dimension of the pandemic and human behaviour in a crisis. If at the beginning of 2020 there was a sense of cohesion and mutual aid everywhere, by the end of 2021 society was already divided into two irreconcilable camps. People were labelling, vilifying and attacking each other. Through this, the film also becomes a reflection of the times and the pandemic. Hanging over it all was the question of how we took advantage of the lockdown - the imaginary Big Nothing?

Czech Republic, 2023, 103 min
Directed by Vít Klusák, Marika Pecháčková