Children's Day at the Telegraph Gallery

1 6 2024 / 13:00
gallery art

How to celebrate Children's Day? Come and visit us in the gallery. At Telegraph Gallery we are preparing a programme for you, offering various activities inspired by Andrej Dúbravský's exhibition for children of different ages. The event will include creative workshops where children can try out different techniques and materials, and create their own works of art. The activities are designed to not only entertain children, but also to develop their imagination and artistic skills. Admission is free for children and chaperones.


From 3:00pm, children and parents can enjoy a program in the cinema room! We'll screen the now iconic animated tale HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON, complete with a talk by a local science populariser, and find out what it might really be like with dragons. Tickets here -> Tees & Science in Film: HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON OR COULD THEY BE REAL


Program subject to change.

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