Tomáš Roubal


Opening 20 5 2022 18:00

The Telegraph Gallery is not just the space of our main exhibition hall. It is also the platform that forms the program for several other floors throughout the building. And this time, for a few days we've decided to replace the films in the Telegraph cinema for a short-term exhibition project by the artist Tomáš Roubal.


Tomáš Roubal (*1982) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. He works with sculpture, painting, drawing and author's book. His work responds to current issues in society and explores them in a visually clear and simple handwriting. For example, he deals with the topic of job burnout and the false illusion of man on social media and on the internet. He portrays the fluidity of today's world either through handmade and time-consuming welding, or with his own technique, hand 3D metal printing. With these slow processes, he defines himself against accelerated time. He also works with error, which becomes intention in his objects. The exhibition, entitled 5G, alludes to the shift of human life to the online space.


Curated by: Mira Macík


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