TTALK: Vojtěch Bednář

30 5 2023 / 19:00

Starting at 19:00

In partnership with the District Chamber of Commerce, the TTalk debate series invites interesting personalities from the world of business, culture and public life to the Telegraph. This time the guest will be the corporate sociologist Vojtěch Bednář. He studied sociology and journalism at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Olomouc.

He specializes in issues of leadership, motivation, managing people in companies, creating and maintaining corporate culture. He teaches managers at all levels to work with people so that they perceive the company as a part of their lives, so that their work is effective, meaningful and meets the needs of the company and themselves. It works in a transparent, positive way, with an emphasis on professionalism, and on friendly and accessible communication. Everything she does is tested, proven and has a rational basis. She believes that the vast majority of people want to get along, they just need help doing it.

Moderated by Robert Runták and Radim Kašpar. The band is traditionally led by musician Tomas Vysinka.


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