TTalk: Michal Kalman

21 11 2023 / 19:00
cinema debate

The guest of the November TTalk will be an athlete, traveller, teacher at Palacký University, world traveler, head of several research and development projects on lifestyle, adventurer, entrepreneur, sailor, lover of historical sailing ships, happy husband and father. However, this will not be a special episode with many diverse guests, all these roles come together in the person of Michal Kalman. What drives Michal to have so many hobbies and jobs and how does he manage them? What's it like to sail on the classic sailing ships we know from the Pirates of the Caribbean and Queen's Corsairs movies? And what is it like to sail such a boat from the Arctic to Antarctica? What is it like to work on a study for the World Health Organization, which involves 42 other countries and is currently being conducted at Palacký University? TTalk will answer this and much more!

In collaboration with the District Chamber of Commerce, the TTalk debate series invites interesting personalities from the world of business, culture and public life to the Telegraph. Hosted by Robert Runták and Radim Kašpar. The band is traditionally led by musician Tomáš Vyšinka.

Programme subject to change.

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