Téčko: Tonda, the mussel and the magic light

2 3 2024 / 15:00
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Eleven-year-old Tonda has a unique characteristic - he has been glowing since birth. His perhaps overprotective parents try to keep him at home to protect him from the outside world. That changes when Slávka, a mysterious girl who turns his world upside down, moves into one of the neighbouring flats before the Christmas holidays. In her, Tonda gains his first real friend, to whom he can reveal the fantasy world in his pillow bunker. Slavka, in turn, shows Tonda a miraculous torch. With her light, she can turn ordinary things into amazing pictures and magical worlds that only they can see. Thus begins their adventurous search for the origin of the mysterious wisps of darkness that are sucking the sunlight out of their house. Tonda, Slavka and the Magic Light is a film about what it is like to be different, a story of friendship and imagination, of light and darkness.

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Animated / Family / Adventure
Czech Republic / Slovakia / Hungary, 2023, 82 min
Directed by Filip Pošivač



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