Téčko: Titina, polar dog

Starting at 15:00

The Téčko, these are big movies for small audiences. Saturday after lunch.

The story of one of mankind's greatest adventures - the conquest of the North Pole in 1926 - as seen through the eyes of an unwilling polar explorer, Titina, a small terrier. The lovable four-legged rogue he encountered on a Roman street charmed Italian engineer and aerialist Umberto Nobile so much that he took him home. And because she was a lady, he named her Titina. But Titina wasn't just waiting for a warm bed and regular bowls of food. Her new master had been approached by the famous Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and ordered an airship to conquer the North Pole. Titina, of course, could not be absent, and it is through her eyes that we follow the journey of the Italian crew and the Norwegian polar explorers to the last undiscovered place on Earth. It's an exciting expedition, full of adventure and danger, but the conquest of the Pole in 1926 is far from over. Because this is the real story that goes on...

Czech dubbing
Animated / Adventure / Family
Norway, 2022, 87 min
Directed by Kajsa Næss