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One of the best horror films of all time is heading to the summer cinema. A mountain hotel, cut off from the world, is the place to go mad... Unsuccessful writer Jack Torrance takes a job as caretaker at the luxurious but remote Overlook Mountain Hotel, which is completely cut off from the world over the winter. For the man, it's a welcome opportunity to find some peace and quiet. But from the first moment Jack, his wife Wendy and son Danny arrive at the hotel, something seems amiss. Jack is becoming erratic with those closest to him, he can't concentrate and is having terrifying dreams. It is the 'enlightened' Danny who, through his special ability, realises that there are ghosts living in the Overlook Hotel and they are beginning to take control of his father. Indeed, the boy encounters them himself in the hotel's long corridors...


The film Stanley Kubrick's film is based on the novel by the famous writer Stephen King. Kubrick not only created a classic work of modern cinematic horror, but also a masterful study of the gradual psychological disintegration of the human personality. Certain scenes, such as the apparition of a naked dead woman in the bathroom, the hectolitres of blood pouring from the elevator car or the final sequence in the park maze, are among the most terrifying moments the filmmakers managed to achieve. The film has also made history for the largest number of flaps ever dropped during the filming of a single shot for a sound film. Stanley Kubrick, obsessed with perfectionism, had Shelley Duvall repeat one action a total of 127 times before he was satisfied with the shot. The Shining thus entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

Czech subtitles
The Shinning
Horror / Drama / Thriller
UK/USA, 1980, 119 min
directed by Stanley Kubrick

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