21 6 2024 / 21:00
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When you can't sleep for half a year, the whole world around you starts to seem like an endless dream. Everything around you is an imperfect xerox copy of yourself. You go to work, watch TV, and are grateful when you occasionally lose consciousness and are unaware of the world. There aren't many people with problems like that, but a young successful civil servant who calls himself Jack is one of them. He has a decent job, makes decent money, but suffers from the most severe form of insomnia. On a business trip, Jack meets Tyler Durden, who offers him a place to stay on the condition that he gives him a good thrashing. This "exchange of ideas" appeals to both men and soon the first Fight Club is formed. A place where young men, disgusted with the world, can put aside their worries and become animals for a few minutes.

Czech subtitles
Fight Club
Drama / Thriller
USA / Germany, 1999, 139 min
Directed by David Fincher

Program changes subject to change.

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