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Andrew is a tough businessman and an arrogant workaholic. He runs a large, successful company in Prague. The meaning of his life is money. Andrew has just negotiated the deal of a lifetime in Nebraska with a wealthy investor who will finance the construction of luxury residences on the outskirts of Prague. On his way back from America, the plane flies over a reservation where an Indian chief is being buried. The spirit of the Indian rising to the sky crashes into the plane and inadvertently becomes incarnate in Andrew. And this spirit has decidedly different ideas about Andrew's life and values. In the morning at home, Andrew is awakened by a very insistent voice in his head. A voice that has decided to help him and change him. But Andrew is not going to give in to the uninvited visitor. Everyday work and family problems take on a new dimension not only for Andrew, but also for his family and colleagues. A relentless, fierce battle full of situational comedy begins between Andrew and the ghost

Czech Republic / Slovakia / Poland, 2022, 94 min
Directed by Tomáš Svoboda