Radovan Jurka: Colombia and Ecuador colours

Starting at 18:30

The diversity and palette of colours is what sticks in a European's mind most after visiting these two South American countries. In Colombia, then, the smiles and friendliness of the local people, who in their openness and spontaneity are without question the first among the countries south of Panama, will remain in the heart. Let's go to the highlands and the lowlands, the wilderness and the big cities, the history and the harsh present. The people-filled mountains and vibrant traditional markets were the biggest draw. Forget about time and plans, let yourself be carried away by the river of chance encounters and the play of fate.


Radovan Jurka

If it weren't for the covid, he'd be in his twentieth season as a tour guide. He specializes in the USA, western Canada, New Zealand and selected countries in South America. In his spare time, he likes to freewheel his pilgrimage through life to places mostly in Asia and South America, though the western US is buried deepest under his skin. He likes to try to gain perspective on life on the ridges and in the valleys of mountain ranges.