Little T: Super Mario Bros. in the movie

23 9 2023 / 15:00

The Little T - these are big movies for small audiences. Saturday after lunch.

Siblings Mario and Luigi dream of running the best plumbing company in New York City, which hasn't quite worked out for them yet. Perhaps that's why they're willing to throw themselves into tasks that are clearly beyond their tiny powers. Their willingness to go headfirst doesn't pay off the moment they climb into a suspicious-looking giant green pipe and a few seconds later they're hurtling uncontrollably "somewhere." At the other end of the pipe awaits a fantastic world whose inhabitants are currently dealing with a rather substantial problem. The hideous lizard Bowser, king of one of the kingdoms, has decided to take over all the other kingdoms by force. In particular, he has his sights set on the Mushroom Kingdom, whose ruler, Princess Peach, he would like to marry. The eternal underdog Luigi, after the ride of his life, ends up in Bowser's scorched land, where he is immediately captured by the minions of the local king. Mario is much luckier, as Princess Peach's kingdom, where he ends up, looks like a paradise for more than just mushroom pickers. Peach is also a nice girl with no princess-like mannerisms, so when Mario learns of her danger, he immediately decides to help her. Especially if he can save his beloved brother Luigi in the process. He somehow forgets that he's no hero, and that the bravest thing he's ever done was to tighten the spigot. But when you're Super Mario, you're not afraid of any obstacles.

Czech dubbing
The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Animated / Action / Adventure
USA / Japan, 2023, 92 min