Little T: Oink

Starting at 15:00

Nine-year-old Babs has two wonderful things coming up this holiday season. First, she discovers that the old man with the big suitcase who suddenly turns up at their house is her grandfather, whom she has never heard of. And most importantly, Grandpa Tuitjes gives her a cute little pig for her birthday. But Oink, as this present is called, is a piggy after all, and Babs can only keep him on condition that he undergoes training with other pets. It's not easy to train Oink, but Babs is happy and has a wonderful summer with Grandpa and her little pink friend... until Grandpa disappears with Oink. And until a meatloaf machine is found in Grandpa's trunk. Does the upcoming best sausage competition have anything to do with it?

Czech dubbing
Animated / Comedy
Netherlands / Belgium, 2022, 72 min
Directed by Mascha Halberstad
Recommended age 6+