LiStOVáNí.cz: A little girl and a cigarette

11 3 2024 / 20:00
cinema literature theatre

The book, written by Milan Kundera's great friend Benoît Duteurtre in 2008, is eerily timeless. Much of what he made cynical fun of at the time really happened with startling accuracy. Against a world floating in catastrophically polluted air and overwhelmed by all sorts of prohibitions, against a government of ill-mannered emancipated children, the book's hero, a forty-something employed by the municipality, rebels childishly: he goes to the toilet at work to smoke a cigarette in secret. He is caught by a five-year-old girl, and thus begins a hellish spiral of investigation, imprisonment and a futile attempt to defend himself by participating in the apocalyptic reality TV show MartyrSuperStar leads.

- starring Petra Bučková and Lukáš Hejlík

- translated by Růžena Ostrá and published by Atlantis

- Benoît Duteurtre


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