Farshad Farzankia & Frederik Næblerød

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gallery art exhibition opening

The exhibition LAZY 8 presents works by Danish artists Frederik Næblerød and Farshad Farzankii. Although they have made their mark on the Scandinavian art scene relatively recently, they have already had a number of exhibitions at major institutions. Farzankia and Næblerød are defining a new path for spontaneous abstract painting, but they are also dedicated to creating objects out of ceramics. They have a stable position in Scandinavia and are gradually establishing themselves on the wider international art scene.


LAZY 8 is a symbol of infinity and strength in the repetition of everyday existence. It is also a statement that shows that art transcends systems, ideologies and historical events. It transcends the schematization of styles and periods and defies theorization and intellectualization. It refers to the primal artistic expressions that our ancestors created in caves. It celebrates the long tradition of expressing through image, creating shapes and the overwhelming urge to communicate through unbridled creativity.


Curated by Christian Kortegaard Madsen


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