KINO SCANDI: Summer light, and then comes the night

29 1 2023 / 20:00
cinema movie festival

Starting at 20:00

Icelandic award-winning director Elfar Adalsteins has made a drama about a sparsely populated village in Iceland where all the inhabitants live far apart. It is this geographical setting that is appropriate for this quirky and warm ensemble of characters, telling of how we are both similar and different as humans. A story of relationships, sorrows and joys, interwoven in the stories of the villagers. Based on the book of the same name by the famous Icelandic author Jón Kalman Stefánsson. "I was born and raised in a small fishing village on the east coast of Iceland, so I felt I knew the unique gallery of characters personally. The amazing world of the story seemed to come alive in my head - I knew I had to try to get the rights to Jón Kalman's masterfully written novel," the film director said of the book.

A selection of the best of current Scandinavian cinema. SCANDI offers a cross-section of the films and genres that define the cinematic North - from thrillers to black comedies to provocative documentaries - with filmmakers, experts on the subjects in question and other guests.

Czech subtitles
Drama / Comedy
Iceland, 2022, 111 min
Directed by Elfar Adalsteins


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