KINO SCANDI: Bombastic Johan

Starting at 20:00

A riotous comedy about the life of Johan, a small-town loner with a flair for dynamite who finds himself in constant conflict with the rural community. Orphaned at a young age, Johan is raised by his aunt and uncle and struggles throughout his life to find his place in society and come to terms with a lifelong unrequited love for a neighborhood girl he nearly blew to pieces during his youth.

A selection of the best of current Scandinavian cinema. SCANDI offers a cross-section of the films and genres that define the cinematic north - from thrillers to black comedies to provocative documentaries - with filmmakers, experts on the subjects in question and other guests.

Czech subtitles
Comedy / Romantic
Norway, 2022, 93 min
Directed by Hallvar Witzø