KINO: Daaaaaaali!

29 4 2024 / 20:00
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Daaaaaali! is a playful and at times very funny fictional documentary with an intricate plot consisting of overlapping dream sequences, unpredictable jumps in time and where the artist himself is portrayed by five different actors. A nervous pharmacist-turned-journalist has to devise ever more ingenious stratagems to get Dali, who makes ever more bizarre demands in return, to grant her the promised interview. They meet repeatedly, only each time Dalí ends the interview prematurely, demanding that the producer promise an interview filmed with "the biggest camera in the world". In the meantime, the master attends a party where a priest talks about a recurring dream. The film turns into an entertaining nightmare in which the dream is part of the film, the film part of the story, the story part of the dream, and so on and on. Who better to make such a witty tribute to the famous surrealist Salvador Dali than the French master of absurdist humour, Quentin Dupieux (Rubber; The Fly in the Trunk; Unbelievable But True).


Czech subtitles
Comedy / Drama
France, 2023, 77 min
Directed by Quentin Dupieux


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