Guestshift with Milan Zaleš

25 4 2024 / 18:00
pulse tasting

Campari is a legend that no bar can do without. And after many years behind the bar, I can attest to that. This brand, intrinsically linked to the world of art and the aperitivo moment, has brought the world many iconic cocktails. Taste the real Italy with me.

Milan Zaleš works at Ultra Premium Brands as an ambassador for the iconic Italian brand Campari. He is a professional bartender and expert in Italian "aperitivi". He started his career in České Budějovice, where he worked, among others, in the famous bar Žlutá Ponorka, and later spent 10 years in the prestigious Prague bar Bugsy's. He has participated in many bartending competitions - his greatest success came at the world's most prestigious Diageo Reserve World Class competition, when he won its national round.

The price of the purchased reservation includes a small treat and two drinks.


Programme subject to change.

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