František Šmehlík: The Beast

31 3 2023 / 18:00
cinema literature

Starting at 18:30

František Šmehlík is a native of Ostrava and a successful judoka, who has a close relationship to the Šumperk region and has been working in Olomouc for some time. From writing horror and science fiction stories he switched to the genre of detective novels and political thrillers and this change suits him very well indeed!
In March, we will meet František at the reading of his latest work, which is called The Beast. The story takes place in the Šumperk region and consists of several interconnected storylines. The Beast is a real-life inspired, intricate hunt for a multiple murderer. It is the first part of a trilogy featuring the brilliant investigator Laura Ara.

Pavel Mandys wrote of The Beast: "...the novel impresses with its sweeping scope, its admirably complex portrayal of the background and consequences of the (arguably) politically motivated murder and its closely watched investigation, though gradually the feeling begins to prevail that the author has crammed too much into one book. In any case, it is clear that a distinctive name has emerged among Czech authors of detective fiction, whose further work is worth following."

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