FILM: Lars von Trier: Idiots

28 11 2022 / 20:00

Starting at 20:00

The cult Danish film Idiots, subtitled Idiot Movie About Idiots and For Idiots, has been provoking visitors since the day of its premiere. Shortly after its completion and screening at the Cannes Film Festival, film critics and the public were divided into two irreconcilable camps - some who can't get enough of Lars von Trier and his work, others who condemn him. In a family house on the outskirts of Copenhagen live a group of intellectuals who share a particular pastime - playing at being idiots, people with various disabilities, and deliberately provoking their surroundings. On a walk, in a restaurant, at the swimming pool, on a factory tour... The film is a pure depiction of the film direction DOGMA 95, which the now legendary Larst von Trier helped to create, and we will feature it in the Telegraph with an introduction.

Comedy / Drama
Denmark / France / Netherlands / Italy, 1998, 112 min
Directed by Lars von Trier
Czech subtitles

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