Tomáš Ciba
Contemporary Art Collecting

9 5 2024 / 18:00
cinema art lecture

In the lecture series Contemporary Art  Collecting, you will learn from successful and emerging collectors or curators and experts in investing in contemporary art what impulses led them to become interested in the contemporary art market. They will reveal how they build or help build their collections and what their criteria are when selecting specific works. The lecture series is intended for laymen with an interest in art and collectors who are wondering how to evaluate their collection or create a remarkable and unique collection.

The lecture will be given by Tomáš Ciba.


Collector and graduate of the University of Economics in Prague Tomáš Ciba (*1985) is professionally engaged in software consulting and process management in companies. He has been building his art collection, whose main theme is the motif of "Journeys" and which focuses mainly on classical painting and drawing, for over ten years. Although he has no formal training in the visual arts, he has been interested in classical music (he played the cello for years), architecture and contemporary art since his youth. 


Programme subject to change.

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