CINEMA: Kapr Code

Starting at 20:00

Documentary opera Kapr Code explores the contradictory story of progressive composer, experimenter and prominent communist Jan Kapr (1914-1988), who has been almost erased from official memory. In the 1950s he became so famous for his propaganda music that he was awarded one of the highest honours in the then Eastern Bloc, the Stalin Prize. However, he returned it in August 1968 in response to the Russian invasion. A lifetime ban on the performance of his works followed. At the time, Kapr was continuously filming his life and quirky feature scenes on 8mm film. This never-before-published material comes to life in a playful reconstruction of life after death, in which the memory of the film, the time, and Kapr's music intersect with a story that takes on mythological dimensions.

Documentary / Biographical / Musical
Czech Republic / Slovakia,2022, 91 min
Directed by Lucie Králová