CINEMA: The Blue Kaftan

3 4 2023 / 20:00
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Mina and her husband Halim run a traditional clothing shop in Morocco - kaftans. Mina takes care of the sales while Halim sews the kaftans with her love for traditional handicraft. The marriage is happy despite Mina's poor health and Halim's different sexual orientation, which Mina quietly tolerates. But the market does not favour traditional craftsmanship, customers rush to place orders, and Mina and Halim are forced to take on a helper. The delicate balance of their relationship changes the moment the young, handsome and scholarly Youssef joins them, but the love triangle begins to unfold in a different way than it might at first appear... Director Maryam Touzani tells her story with the same care, unhurriedness and love with which Halim sews her kaftans. Her second film, following her successful debut Adam (screened at Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section in 2019), offers an empathetic look at the taboo subject of homosexuality in Morocco, as well as a singular defense of the institution of marriage.

Czech subtitles
France / Morocco / Belgium / Denmark, 2022, 118 min
Directed by Maryam Touzani

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