Laura Limbourg
American Diary

loft exhibition POP-UP art opening

The American Diary exhibition at the Telegraph Loft presented the work of painter Laura Limbourg, which she created during her residency in the USA.

Laura Limbourg (*1996) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where she studied under Martin Mainer and then Josef Bolf. In 2020, she won the Critics' Prize for Young Painting. A key inspiration for her work was a trip to Southeast Asia, where she encountered the sale of the human body, child prostitution and sex tourism. She chose to respond to these themes in a light-hearted way, which also lies in her relaxed handwriting and exaggeration. In her paintings, she projects not only experiences from her travels, but also concrete personal experiences that can be linked, for example, to her hobby, flying. She has exhibited in several group exhibitions. For example, at The Chemistry Gallery. She has a large solo exhibition in collaboration with Trafo Gallery.

In addition to the new paintings, she has presented a series of limited edition prints created exclusively for the Telegraph and a series of vases created in collaboration with sculptor Patrik Adamec.

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