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Éclair ||| 85 Kč
Reguta Prosecco Spumante DOC Brut || šumivé | 480 Kč / 110 Kč
Věneček | A: 1,3,7 || 69 Kč
Grapefruit Caipiroska ||| 120 Kč
Tartaletka s belgickou čokoládou | A: 1,3,7,8 || 79 Kč
Brownies ||| 79 Kč

We all know it—the hectic daily grind. In such moments, words cannot espresso how important coffee can be. Or do you think the world is ready for your unfiltered opinions?

Even though Energy=Milk*Coffee2, there are other things that can give you a kick-start.

We offer hearty brunch options and scrumptious home-made desserts. Satisfy the inner you with a filling snack or go bananas for a fresh smoothie.

Stop by and enjoy.

We are currently improving our kitchen concept and fine-tuning our dishes to fit the new menu.

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Sat–Sun: 9–15