Dominik Adamec


Opening 18:00


Dominik Adamec has created new works during his residency at the Telegraph, which he will present in the studio, but he will also present some of his older works that will be exhibited in the Telegraph Lofts terrace space. The opening of the exhibition and open studio will take place on 21 June at 6pm. You will be able to visit the exhibition and the studio until 8pm on 23 June.




Dominik Adamec (*1995) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, majoring in sculpture (Jindřich Zeithammel, Tomáš Hlavina). He currently lives and works in Berlin. Perhaps because Adamec comes from a Christian family, his work is based on early medieval sacred architecture, sculpture and elements of religious liturgy. The language of his expression is built on the principles of semantic and haptic ambivalence, which are alien to Christianity. In installations involving the reading of the author's texts and working with synthesized chants, Christian symbols are transformed into symbols referring to the erotic or biotechnological interventions. This is, however, not to downplay the meaning of religion. On the contrary. The corporeality conveyed by the paper surface of his sculptures is synonymous with human corporeality. It is underpinned by the surrounding world as a whole composed of humans, animals and plants. It is the world as we see it in early Gothic miniatures. The world is Chimerical and it is presented to the viewer in the morphology of his sculptures. 


The opening hours of the exhibition and the studio are linked to the opening hours of the café: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm